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What does an HVAC helper do in Florida?

Thanks to the constant heat and humidity in almost all areas of the state of Florida, the use of air conditioning (HVAC) is practically mandatory in residential, commercial and industrial units.
Air conditioners not only help maintain comfortable temperatures in enclosed spaces but also prevent the proliferation of insects, especially flies and mosquitoes, which are so detrimental to health.

What are the tasks of an HVAC assistant in Florida?

Keeping in good condition and fully operational cooling systems has been the work of technicians in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC) for over 100 years and every day there is a greater requirement in this specialty.
It is so the HVAC helper’s duties include removing equipment from driving materials, stocking the warehouse, maintaining and cleaning electrical vacuuming of furnace systems, and interfacing with customers.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the HVAC helper performs preventive maintenance and minor repairs for various HVAC systems, associated equipment and other related tasks as assigned, whether in residential, commercial or industrial facilities.
HVAC assistant technicians’ jobs are not only to keep HVAC equipment running, but also to perform minor repairs to save customers money and extend the life of the equipment.

Why train as an HVAC helper at Cruz Institute, Florida?

If you are considering becoming an HVAC helper, you should not only know the technical aspects, but also the HVAC licensing regulations in Florida, as well as develop certain soft skills that will enable you to become a better professional.
It’s not just about making a quick income in a high-demand technical career, but also about the legal requirement by the state of Florida to be able to practice this profession.
That is why HVAC professionals are in such high demand, so it is a career with a great labor field, so it is a path with a safe route as a source of income. In addition, thanks to the large Latino migration in the state, speaking Spanish does not represent any barrier, but can even be a great advantage.

In addition, Cruz Institute offers a friendly teaching environment and a solid curriculum for
you to excel in your profession. This allows you to properly build knowledge, as well as form
and consolidate relationships to achieve well-trained HVAC technical assistants.

TECHNOLOGY HELPER PROGRAM, enroll and start on the road to a better future.

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