Electrical Technology Helper Certification

The Electrical Technology Helper program prepares individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for employment in the residential electrical trade.

The curriculum for the electrical helper certification consists of 457 theory and practical hours in which you can acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for employment in the electrical and residential trade.

In addition, it provides a basic framework of electrical theory, health, safety, environmental management, and regulatory compliance. It also provides the practical skills necessary to install, service and maintain electrical equipment in residential settings.

You will also learn the requirements for electrician licensing, tools to enhance your employability and how to develop an entrepreneurial spirit.

Which topics does the Electrician Technology Helper program include?

  • Health, safety, environmental stewardship, and related regulatory compliance.
  • Tools and accessories used in the electrical industry.
  • Basic Direct-Current (DC) electrical-circuit skills.
  • Basic mathematics for electricity.
  • Advanced mathematics for electricity.
  • Principles of electromagnetism.
  • Basic electric codes.
  • Science related to electrical principles.
  • Alternating-Current (AC) circuit skills.
  • Licensure requirements for electrical occupations.
  • Employability and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Residential wiring requirements.
  • Residential wiring systems.

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