Cruz Institute

Cruz Institute wins Hispanic Business of the Year Award

It is always an honor to receive business awards, as they not only showcase financial successes, but also allow us to see the value they bring to local communities, especially in the case of immigrants.
Thus, the Hispanic Business Council has awarded companies that are at least 51% Latino-owned, in order to recognize their successes and promote entrepreneurship in the community.
In this case, the Hispanic Business Council presented its inaugural Hispanic Business Council Awards to two outstanding Hispanic businesses that have made a difference in the Latino community, each from different fronts and with different lengths of experience: The Cruz Institute was named Hispanic Business of the Year (in the business of fewer than 5 years) and Melao Bakery was named Hispanic Business of the Year (in the business of 5 years or more).
The Cruz Institute has excelled in providing quality technical education in both languages, English and Spanish, in a friendly environment and a quick exit to the job market, so that the Latino community can integrate and achieve the American dream.

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